About ME

Prior to starting my PhD, I worked for half a decade. As a researcher, I have had the opportunity to travel extensively through villages and towns in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in India, designing, implementing and managing various research projects. I am familiar with inter-disciplinary research and have been exposed to various research tools such as survey design, participant observation techniques, focus group discussions and participatory rural appraisals. My research experience also exposed me to various domains of research including health, education, water and sanitation, agriculture, skill building and energy. I have managed on-site and off-site teams who have worked on my projects and have had the opportunity to work with multiple stakeholders in developing research that influences policy. I have also implemented large scale surveys using internet technology and have implemented innovative research methods, which included running a newsletter in over 20 villages to understand the economic drivers of the village economy. I have met and interacted with many wonderful farmers, rural doctors, farm laborers, public health nurses, teachers, panchayat leaders and children from a number of villages across the landscapes I have worked. While my subjects were poor in resources, they were rich in experience and generous with their time. Through their experiences, I came to appreciate the intertwined social, economic and ecological fabric of these individuals and their families and communities. My experiences continue to inform the research that I do.

My goal is to work with policy makers in designing and implementing cost effective health policy that improves health and economic well-being of less privileged individuals.


PhD Economics (2016) 
University of California, Riverside
California, USA                                                         

Masters in Economics (2013) (MA) 
Major Field: Development Economics
University of California, Riverside
California, USA                                                          

Masters in Economics (2006) (MSc) 
Major Field: Environmental and Public Economics
Madras School of Economics, Anna University
Chennai, India                                                               

Bachelor of Economics (2004)
Major Field: Economics (Hons.), Division: First
Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University
New Delhi, India              


Dissertation Year Fellowship, University of California, Riverside, 2015-16
Graduate Student Travel Grant, Graduate Student Association, 2014-15
Travel Grant, Department of Economics, 2014 - 16
Grant in Aid, Taraknath Das Foundation, c/o The South Asia Institute, Columbia University, 2013- 14
Dean’s Distinguished Fellowship Award, University of California, Riverside, 2011– Present
Merit Scholarship, M.Sc. Economics, Anna University, Madras School of Economics, 2005-2006
Received the ‘Outstanding Performance’ Award for the class of 2006, Madras School of Economics